Minor Home Modifications

If you have a disability or condition that restricts your day-to-day living and/or it can affect your ability to remain living in your home, sometimes a simple minor modification can make a difference. This difference can be between staying in your home or moving into residential care.

Minor home modifications are changes made to the layout or fittings within your house or unit to assist you in with everyday life.

Minor home modifications may include but are not limited to the following:

- grab rails
- hand rails
- ramps
- shower rails
- hand held showers
- bed raisers
- chair raisers
- slip resistant strips for bathroom floors
- reversal of bathroom doors
- installation of lift off door hinges

Rental Properties

Any home modifications in a rental property which is affixed or alters the structure and/or layout and/or is permanent or semi-permanent in nature will require written authorisation from the landlord and/or their agent before any work can proceed.