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What can Home Assist Secure do for you?

Home Assist Secure provides safety related information, referrals and subsidised assistance to Queenslanders 60 years and over, or people with a disability who are unable to undertake or pay for critical maintenance services to their homes without assistance.

Free information and referral

Your local Home Assist Secure service can provide information about:

  • home maintenance
  • repairs
  • minor modifications
  • other assistance provided by the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Staff can also refer and/or assist you with employing tradespeople to undertake repairs or modifications, or plan future work.

What are the benefits of Home Assist Secure?

Home Assist Secure will allow you to:

  • make more informed decisions about home maintenance, repairs and minor modifications
  • have easier access to and within your home
  • feel safer living in your home
  • increase your confidence about employing tradespeople

Subsidised assistance

If eligible, you may receive a financial contribution towards labour costs for minor home maintenance or modifications relating to your health, safety or security which are required, so that you can remain in your home.

To be eligible for a financial contribution, you must also be:

  • a Pensioner Concession Card holder
  • unable to complete the work yourself because technical expertise is required or your health and safety would be at risk if you attempted the work yourself
  • unable to make use of alternative forms of assistance, such as through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), Queensland Community Care Services, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, family or friends

Home Assist Secure does not undertake maintenance or repairs that are considered to be the responsibility of the landlord (lessor) under Residential Tenancies legislation or tenancy agreements.

What service can you expect?

Home Assist Secure aims to provide a quality service and will ensure you:

  • receive clear information about the service
  • have access to punctual and reliable assistance
  • are treated with courtesy and respect
  • are part of any decision about the services being offered? You are welcome to have another person of your choice to assist if you wish
  • are assured privacy and confidentiality

In return, we ask that you:

  • treat staff, tradespeople and volunteers with courtesy and respect
  • inform the Home Assist Secure office in advance if you are unable to be at home at the arranged time
  • pay the agreed amount for services where required

Home Assist Brochures

Home Assist Brochure
Security Hints for You and Your Home

What do you think about Home Assist Secure?

If you have feedback or concerns regarding a service, please contact the Manager on 3408-0111.

If you are not satisfied with the response, you may also contact the department:

Contract and Delivery Management
GPO Box 690
Brisbane QLD 4001
Telephone: 13QGOV (13 74 68)